HOTEL_MORPHEE_presse2_webA New Canadian sensation, no less. Hotel Morphée, lead by sirene/violinist Laurence Nerbonne, makes arty rock (think Karkwa, think dEUS, think La Patère Rose) that stirs a lot of black and white gothic images, nouvelle vague scènes, long dark hair blown by the wind, that kind of stuff. It’s music that makes you want to wear a black turtleneck or suit up. David Lynch must be an influence. To get the picture(s) watch this bloody video. Histoires des fantomes is HM’s first album, on Bandcamp you can check their first, and also very fine, EP.

Hotel Morphée – Garde à vous

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Sky

    Okay tune, even a good one, but a bit too tame to leave a lasting impression, at least on me.

  2. Lewis Francis

    Hauntng. Buying Des histoires de fantômes as I write.

  3. SteveJinSoCal

    Oh that is seriously good. “Garde a Vous” sounds like Armistice’s brooding Francophone cousin. There’s a just a undercurrent of folklorique Quebecoise, save that the violin is plucked with a chainsaw. It’s really a fine piece of work.

    The EP is definitely worth checking out as well. There’s a tag on their bandcamp page – ” dark francophone” – it’s a lot(!) darker than La Patere Rose, more Dead can Dance or early Arcade Fire with a bit of a hangover…