Here’s an idea for every indie-band: have your new single covered by French girls. Or flamboyant rockers. Or folkies. Or…whoever, really. Dutch combo No Ninja Am I (if you follow Christmas-a-Go-Go, you’ll remember ‘m) recorded Better Mistakes, and then thought of asking as many musicians they knew to record their version. Or just a small part. All versions, bits and pieces were edited into one 28 min-long new version. A bit like this version. One of Holland’s best read industry blogs picked up on it. You can hear Emmanuelle from Fusée Dorée (pictured) is singing a great French version of Better Things, on a ‘pastiche’ that has input from Port of Call, Gerhardt, Max Vanremmerden, Channah, Motel Aurora, Marisela, Martijn Buis, Box of Chocolates, RoSm, Joey de la Fuente & No Ninja Am I. You can listen and/or download for free on Bandcamp. In fact, ALL No Ninja Am I music is downloadable for free!

UPDATE: Emmanuelle put her French (solo-)version of Better Mistakes on Soundcloud, also free to download.

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.