I’ve had many crushes on female singers posted on this blog. Mauve was one of them. She vanished into thin air. Such a shame. The piece below was posted in 2006.

Chère Mauve,

No, your song A La Vie A La Mort is not in the Filles Sourires 15. Why? Because it is hors categorie. When I heard it the for the first time on your MySpace-site, I fell in love. Completely: butterflies in my belly, dreamy gaze, the urge to light up 100 candles, throw rosepetals on the floor and read Byron-poems. The works.
Your ultra-sexy, husky voice, the dramatic piano, the fuzzguitar, the slow, sultry rhythm: even when I try to describe it, it tingles everywhere. The short video that was made for the song, shows a gorgeous, doe-eyed girl in a white dress: a little girl lost. I’ve watched it probably 50 times – and still get annoyed when the film ends before the song ends. What happened? Ran out of tape? Did it become to emotional for you? Was the cameraman too hot ‘n bothered?
There’s a lot of questions regarding you. There not a scrap of biographical information, the only thing I know is that you’re living in Paris, and that you and a bunch of great musicians and even a better producer (is that him, the backing vocals on Boire a la Source?) made at least two wonderful, very filmic tracks. Very Air-working-with-Charlotte, Guy Chambers & Sophie Hunter or J-L Murat & Jenifer Charles. Among the things you love, stated on your MySpace-site, are artists like Scissor Sisters, Nico, Uffie, Joy Division, Satie, Tchaikowsky (you don’t say, with all those dramatic pianochords) and post pre-90’s Madonna. So: you like to dress up, boogie down and be moved to tears. But that’s about all I (we) get to know. Google draws blanks. You like to tease: almost every message you’ve send me, ends with sentences like ‘French kiss’, or ‘Je t’embrasse’. Makes the butterflies go nuts,I can tell you that. It took a while before I got the mp3’s of your songs, which I think you did on purpose: the hunt is better than the catch. So please, stay as mysterious as long as possible. But keep wowing me (us) with beautiful songs and beautiful pictures.

Mauve – A la vie a la mort
Mauve – Boire a la source

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Sky

    poptastic … didn’t notice her until now.

  2. Luc

    I really love the voice of Mauve (between Mylène Farmer and France Gall) and her music. Are these the only songs she recorded? I love your blog, it makes me discover artists that I hadn’t heard of, thanks. I’m glad you talk about “ma chanteuse préférée” Maryse Letarte who made an original Christmas album in 2008. I’m waiting for her new album this autumn.

  3. La fille au Prisunic

    Did you ever get over her? (I know I didn’t.)

  4. guuzbourg

    This is (was) it. Myspace is down, Mauve seems to be vanished.