There are many songs that were (co-)written by Françoise or made famous by her, that were covered. Here’s a Spotify playlist. And below is a version of Tu Ne Dis Rien by Dirty Beaches, who famously sampled FH’s Voila for Lord Knows Best.

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. SteveinSoCal

    Barvo Team FS. I for one am thoroughly enjoying this Francoise Hardy retrospective and particularly the guest-post insights into how and why Francoise has inspired other artists.

    I have to all so strongly recommend Guuz’s “Parfait Francois Hardy” spotify mix, which when played back to back with the mix linked ( and even allowing for the curse of DRM) highlights the absolute timeless quality of both the Francoise’s voice and songs.