Eux Autres are a loud, indie-rocking trio (Heather, Nicholas, Yoshi) from Portland, Oregan who are very influenced by French ye-ye. Their new album Broken Bow is just out, and features one great French track, Jamais. On earlier albums, they did a wonderful version of the Salut les Copains-theme, among other French songs. Though they mainly sing in English. From their bio: “Eux Autres write compact songs with sparse instrumentation. Their music has been unfairly described as “fun.” But while the surface of the songs might seem nonchalant, the lyrics offer skewed observations and fierce barbs. Most of their songs are about a) military history b) being “done wrong” or c) sports. Sadly, Eux Autres are the only people who notice this. The band sounds like the unrequited love song Doug Martsch would have penned for Francoise Hardy, had the time/space continuum conveniently collapsed.”
They also do Christmas-songs, see the videos for those here. EA were featured on the old FS blog, here. Picture stolen from here.

Eux Autres – Jamais

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.