Serge Gainsbourg appeared in quite a few commercials back in the day, there are a few on Youtube and other video sites like this one, this one and NOT this one. Probably the most famous ad he did was for Black & White whiskey. Here you can also download a song Serge and Jane made for after shave brand Caron. (Thanks Anna) EDIT: The Perrier-commercial was not made by Serge (see the comments). I googled some more, and found this one, probably the best commercial EVER with Serge in it (if you don’t get the joke, see this).

In other Gainsbourg-related news: meet Benjamin Paulin, who styled the cover of his first album after Serge’s debut-EP. His music refers to Leonard Cohen, MC Solaar and Serge of course. I’m crazy about the long (7 minutes) title track, that sounds like an updated inedit of Melody Nelson. See more here.

Benjamin Paulin – L’homme moderne

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. guuzbourg

    I stand corrected! The Perrier-commercial does look like something Serge could’ve made. Shows you what I know… thanks Brennus, will change.

  2. Brennus

    Hi Guuzbourg, as a Serge Gainsbourg “specialist” i must say that the Perrier video has nothing to do with Serge. The director is Bernard Lemoine…
    The mistake comes probably by the fact that Serge is well-known as an Erotomaniac in the public’s mind. The credit to Serge was first given (on purpose?) on youtube and the mistake has even been quoted on TV lately, great professionnalim of our French TV by the way…
    Keep going! I’m reading your blog twice a week and really enjoy the GainsNord CD you offered to me a few months ago. Thanks again for that and thanks for your passion of Gainsbourg’s work among others which i discover weekly with pleasure.