In other news: a new compilation featuring inédits by Serge Gainsbourg will be released next month. A single, Serge singing Comme un Boomerang, is released today. He wrote the song for Dani‘s Eurovision Songcontest appearance in 1975, but it got rejected. She recorded it with Daho in 2001. Read all about it HERE. (Thx Bruno!)

See the tracklisting of the new box here. This is the official release of the Boomerang-demo by Serge. It was available on the interwebs earlier, here.

Serge Gainsbourg – Comme un boomerang
Dani & Daho – Comme un boomerang
Feist, Gonzales, Dani – Comme un boomerang
Etienne Daho – Comme un boomerang (live)

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. James

    Firstly, a big thanks to Guuzbourg for running this site. I visit often and learn a lot. Cheers.

    I am based in the US and just ordered the box from Amazon France. That made it a very acceptable $175 rather than the US Amazon price of $250. There was a sweet checkout discount. As I do not have the individual LPs and have been waiting for a good price to build the library, it’s a good looking set. Otherwise I’d probably cry foul and miss all that’s missing! If anyone ever says that Blogs and MP3 posting is killing music, this is proof positive that for a real music fan it’s just a smart way of browsing and then buying.

  2. Mylene

    The new box misses out on the live tracks that were bonus on the Chante du Une CD, the live bonus tracks from Confidential, all the ads on the Inedits CD. They also should have included the duet version of La Papillions Noirs with Michele Arnaud, the song with Jane Birkin and Jacques Dutronc (es roses fanées), the song with Sylvie Vartan and Jane Birkin (Les filles n’ont aucun degout), the unedited versions of Chez le Ye Ye and La Fille au Rasoir from the Jazz in the Ravine CD, the alt take of L’anamour (that’s become the more common version over the last 10 years). THere’s stuff on this box I NEED but there’s a better box in my mind.

  3. guuzbourg

    Don’t think so. They pulled this stunt a few years back with one Inedits-cd in a big box with already released material. This is more like it, but still….

  4. Dom

    Brilliant news, I thought, a new Gainsbourg comp of stuff I don’t have. Then I saw the price. 149 Euro for a load of stuff I’ve already got!!! Any idea if they’re going to be releasing the inédits as an individual album?