Peter Peter is a Montreal-based singer-songwriter who just released his first album, Homonyme. An interesting album, with some post-rock elements (he worked with a producer who also worked with Godspeed You! Black Emperor), nice ballads, subtle electronica and, more importantly, a duet with Coeur de Pirate. In French, yay! There’s another song with female backing-vocals, but my guess is this isn’t our Béatrice.

Peter Peter & Coeur de Pirate – Tergiverse

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  2. Ayun Halliday

    ooh, that is a beautiful, beautiful song. I’m adding it to Uncle Monkeybutt’s Birthday Mix tout suite!

  3. Christopher Jackson

    Hey Hey Filles Sourires!

    Interesting Blog! I’m new at HypeM but I see that you dig Nick Cave.

    So I thought you’d like a New style Reggae from impulsive lust …. the voice and vibe has been described as Cave.

    Feel free to check out the site and the newly produced track “I’m a Black Man”



  4. jana

    off the record
    mooi voorwoord in de nederlandse versie van Sylvie Simmons boek. (het nawoord daar ben ik nog niet aan toe, lekker chronologisch)