FS-reader Jean-Philippe asked me to post this song by Géraldine Nakache and (the very hot) Leila Behkti (as Ely and Lila) from the movie Tout ce qui brille. J-P saw the movie, ‘a nice way to spend a grey afternoon’, and he says it’s about ‘two girls, living in suburbia, just 10 minutes from Paris. They see this distance as 10 minutes from real life: night, parties, beautiful people, money etc… The girls can’t resist the call and dive in. One gets lost in the odd world, the other one grows closer to her family after experiencing this way of life.’ For the soundtrack, a lot of music by The Streets is used, but also a cover of a Veronique Sanson song. See Sanson play it live here (botox-alert!).

Veronique Sanson – Chanson sur un drôle de vie
Ely & Lila (Géraldine Nakache & Leila Behkti) – Chanson sur un drôle de vie

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.