Mezzanine is French quartet, that label themselves as ‘soft music from higher grounds.’ It’s leisurely, includes the cristaline voiced Marine and probably sounds best when the sun hits the sky, and doing things is not an option. Lay back, relax, listen to the 5-track.

Isobel Campbell

Many moons ago I wished for a full French album by Isobel Campbell. And tho that wish hasn’t been granted yet, ‘Paris n’existe pas’ by Son Parapluie sure helps. Son Parapluie = Jerome Didelot, he of Orwell, and together with Jah Wobble and others he made an album that brings back the heydays of Hardy, Birkin & Gainsbourg, and Barouh. It’s sweet and agreable, but fans of this blog have heard more, and better. Still, it’s ms. Campbell in French:

Zaho de Sagazan

What if….chansonniere Barbara sang the theme to Netflix-series Stranger Things? It might sound like Zaho de Sagazan, a rising star in French music. She released two singles on Spotify, this one is the most recent. And yes, I tend to post singers with less powerful vocal chords than Zaho, but this track is as sultry and mesmerizing as anything. (Hat tip to Sami Mehaddi)

Parfait Eté 2022

Still, after 13 editions, it’s Parfait Eté and not L’été Parfait. And still, after 13 years, it’s a round up of great summery French tunes, indie, pop, electronica, chanson. Juliette Armanet, Lord Huron, Bertrand Belin, Jacques, Emma Peters, Amouë, and waaay more. Check it out here


Sweet strange nature-infused psychedelic dreamboatpop by Catastrophe. Brilliant


Throws me back to the early days of this blog, sounds like a Berry tune. It’s new, it’s on Le Pop #10, and it’s here:

Marie Mathematique

Marie Mathématique is the duo Emmanuelle Kawalek-Mazel and Nicolas Mazel, who took their band name from Jean-Claude Forest‘s fictional animation character, broadcasted in the 60’s with vocal contributions from Serge Gainsbourg and France Gall. On their just released new album the duo mostly channels the chunky yeye-pop of Jacqueline Taieb and Clothilde. With added psychedelica. Groovy baby!


Pataugeoire (‘wading pool’) is the moniker of Montreals Agathe Dupéré, a multi-instrumentalist who played with Safia Nolin and Emilie Proulx. This tracks is an intented nod to early nineties indie like Pixies, Magnapop, Juliana Hatfield et al. Which is nice.