Les Passagers

Sultry and slightly psychedelic song about watching the end of the world, whilst drinking coca cola, by Montreal’s Les Passagers.

Coeur de Pirate

To celebrate 15 years of CdP, queen Béatrice recorded this BEAUTIFUL version of a song from her debut album:

Les Frangines

Anna & Jacinthe, les soeurs Frangines. They make pop-folk, and have lovely voices:

Donna Blue

With a plucky Gainsbourgian bassline like in this track, bonuspoints are earned. Delightful Dutch duo Donna Blue released this English/French, slightly psychedelic track. With a Beatles-reference, I’d say. Loving that bassline, the atmosphere and, as ever, that voice.


One of the bands that were featured in a very early stage on this blog, is Peppermoon from Paris. After a hiatus, they’re back with a strong, bossanova-tinged single:

Marine Quéméré

Very lush, sunny, laidback tune by Marine. To chase the rains away, for dreams of far away beaches. Love the heavy bassline and her husky voice:

Larose, Roy & Cassidy

Interesting threesome: Thierry Larose, Ariane Roy & Lou-Adriane Cassidy. This sounds like the theme to a ‘Friends’-like sitcom, based in the 00’s: