Chloe Lacasse

Seven (!) years after her last album, Montreal-bases songstress Chloe Lacasse is back. And this first track is VERY promising.

Karen Lano

Heard this folksy gospeltrack shuffle by on FIP Radio, and was awestruck. I knew Karen from the Olivier Libaux/Queens of the Stone Age project, you can read more about her HERE.


As you may well know by now, I’m a sucker for synthi-pop boy/girl duos. And Toboggan (look it up what it means) is a perfect example:


VERY fine new track by this dreamy Canadian artiste.

Le Pain

From the United States (Brooklyn and LA), Le Pain. Lovely buzzing indie pop. Thanks Steve J for the tip.

Tess Merlot

Beautiful Tess, Holland’s finest contribution to classic French chanson, made an ode the The Hague, her hometown near the sea. It came out as radiant as her smile: