Le Couleur

Le Couleur rarely disappoints. The trio from Montreal are outdoing themselves with this new single (from a highly recommended album). An eighties-feel, with pink fluffy edges. But also the loungey atmosphere of Air. Anyhoo, we like it.

Laura Lefebvre

Canadian singer Laura Lefebvre released a bi-lingual leisurewear soundtrack.

Clara Luciani

Lovely French (not Canadian, my bad) songstress Clara Luciani, she of the wonderful, hook-laden Sainte-Victoire album, recorded two notable duets lately. One part-French/part-English version of Lee Hazlewood/Nancy Sinatra’s Summer Wine.

And this very doux duet with Julien Doré:

Marie Urbain

Very folktronic debut of this gentile French singer. She’s just starting, this is her first single.

Louise Verneuil

Louise named herself after the famous street where Gainsbourg used to live (and sort of re-lives nowadays). Her first album is just fantastic. See this live clip, get enamoured too.