Secret Sun

Canadian duo Secret Sun make shoegaze, guitar-driven music with early 90s vibes. This first single in French (with more synths) is quite good


Quentin and Lola make synthpop in the veins of Elli & Jacno, Niagara and (more recent) Videoclub and Clea Vincent. I am in love with these neon pop sounds

Tess Merlot

Tess Merlot, Holland’s blonde chanson mascotte, made a pretty new single with a summer vibe. This video is a live rendition:

Melanie Venditti

Melanie’s from Montreal, with a fierce indie vibe. Reminds me of music released on the 4AD label in the late 80s.

Miss Machine

From Nantes. Love how her girlie voice clashes with the heavy guitars. Other songs are good too.

Les Soeurs Boulay

Gorgeous new single by our favourite Canadian sister duo. ‘Less folk, more pop’, as someone mentioned. What’s not to like?

Petite Amie

Mexican (!) band Petite Amie, they draw inspiration from everything between Big Thief, Connan Mockasin and Melody’s Echo Chamber, release a very sweet French single: