April March & Olivia Jean

The same song, sung in French and English. That is, in short, the concept of Palladium, an EP on which Olivia Jean and (so great to hear her again) April March take turn as lead singer, and in language. Listen to Sauce Picante/Hot Sauce for instance:

Gainsbourg Forever (2)

On March 24th, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of what is undoubtedly Gainsbourgs best album, L’Histoire de Melody Nelson. Still of enormous influence, artists like Angel Olsen, Beck, Balthazar and Octave Noir cited the album, stole from it, and took inspiration.

On several occasions, HdMN has been celebrated, with concerts and tributes. There were covers, like Ballad of Melody Nelson by Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis, or by Placebo. As far as I know, there are two full album tributes. New York band Avi Luna re-made the album in 2018:

A few years earlier, Lille-based French artist Holkash made a VERY interesting cover version of the full album, with more electronics and dub reggae influences:

Another nice Ballad of Melody Nelson cover I found on Bandcamp, is this fierce version:

Gainsbourg Forever

This year marks the 30th anniversary of Serge’s passing (on March 2), and the 50th anniversary of ‘Histoire de Melody Nelson’ (on March 24). So in the upcoming days I will post some SG-related songs. Like this LOUD cover (released on March 2) by Bandit Bandit:

Satellite Jockey

From Lyon and Brest, Satellite Jockey make delightful danceable indie rock with nods to 60s baroque pop and sunny yacht rock. Keyboardplayer Pauline Le Caignec is one of the singers.


Chanterelles from Montreal is a duo. Amelie Mandeville (also a solo artist) and Virginie Reid make dreamy pop for bright orange sunsets. This is the first single

Françoise Cactus RIP

Singer Françoise Cactus of German duo Stereo Total, has passed away at 57. Stereo Total leave a whole bunch of albums. One of my fave ST-tracks is this Gainsbourg cover.

Pi Ja Ma

Pi Ja Ma = Pauline de Tarragan. She loves The Doors, Jefferson Airplane and makes music with Axel Concato. This is (as far as I know) her first French single.

Stéfi Celma

If you know the French comedy Dix Pour Cent (it’s on Netflix) you saw Stéfi Calma. The actress took part in several musical spectacles and acted in series and movies, this is her first solo single. Love this.