La Bronze

Not for the faint-hearted. Comes with a trigger warning.

Donna Blue

This new French track by Dutch dark romantic duo Donna Blue is tres tres coule:

Filles de Disco playlist

As a follow up to the Juliette Armanet track below, I thought it would be nice to compile a playlist with nouveau disceau songs: chanteuses who’re influenced by Chic-like guitargrooves, irresistable handclaps and sugary strings. Armanet, Corine, Coeur de Pirate even, Yuksek at the controls of Brigitte and Therapie Taxi, even more! Find that playlist HERE.

Juliette Armanet

Back in 2014, this blog posted a track by Juliette Armanet, and after that: crickets. Weird. She made a few albums after 2014, in 2021 the kinda brilliant, very danceable Brûler le feu was released. This lead track is not recent, but burns like a house on fire:

Ariane Roy

Damn fine single by Ariane Roy. Be sure to listen to her duet with Lou-Adriane Cassidy on Ariane’s album.