Time to catch up and bring you few recently released albums to your attention. First there is LouiZ , pseudonym of Kathalyne Detry, from the French speaking part of Belgium. She recently released an EP with 5 tracks, which is a bit “Cabaret”-like. As a teaser we bring you here “Le Royaume”, which is also the title of her EP.

Another EP appeared from Delphine Coutant. she already released three albums and this EP “Parades Nuptiales” is a teaser for her new album that will be released in the beginning of 2012, and to be honest I was pleasantly surprised. Very good songs, very complicated arrangements and a great voice. Looking forward to the album!

Louiz – Le Royaume
Delphine Coutant – La Parade Nuptiale

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  1. guuzbourg

    Fixed the link to the Delphine-track.

  2. polk tsi400

    I came across Delphine Coutant a while but didn’t know what to expect…was presently surprised. Will definately check out her new album