Everytime I see pictures of Carly Blackman (aka Carly Sings), I think: girl, interrupted. She’s gorgeous, but in a fatalistic way. She exploits this quality in her slightly disturbing songs. That breathy voice, described before as a cross between El Perro del Mar and Inara George, makes the picture perfect, but with sharp edges. Carly was born in Ireland, went to school in Lyon and works from Paris, she writes songs in English and French. And sings the latter with a sensual, Blossom Dearie-like accent. She discovered the work of Elli & Jacno last november, she told me in an email, and decided to record the happy/sad Je t’aime tant  (see video here). A new album is coming up, and should include songs arranged by J-C Vannier. A new song is out now, see the very beautiful video here. There will be French songs on that new album as well.

Carly Sings – Je t’aime tant
Elli & Jacno – Je t’aime tant

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.