Cada Magenta (or Carole-Anne and Daphnée to their friends and family – the Magenta comes from from the rather bright hair colouring that both girls used to sport) decided that they weren’t cut-out for a career in a punk-rock band and that taking the country-folk chemin was likely to be more rewarding.

Seems they made the right choice, for after some solid gigging in local clubs and bars, the girls have supported Lisa Leblanc and recently released their first record via their bandcamp page.
There’s a remarkable freshness to the girls’ sound and enough musical diversity on display to suggest that Cada Magenta have more than enough about them to dispel any worries about being labeled as yet another country-folk act. While the five-track EP showcases how at ease the girls are at crafting some pleasant harmonised country-folk ballads that should be appeal to aficionados of both Les Hay Babies and Les Soeurs Boulay; the “Trash-Folk” style of “J’aime pas ça la téquila”, with it’s not-quite synced harmonies adding a refreshing grittiness, while “À tous les soirs” offers a distinctive flamenco flavour, with both suggesting that Cada Magenta are quite comfortable tackling a range of differing musical genres.

As befits what is effectively a demo tape, there is a certain roughness to the recording. Actually this all adds to the duo’s charm and reinforces the belief that they probably aren’t that far from being the polished article.

Thanks Steve J!

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.