The so-called Relax series is the chillout compilation line of German dance/ house producers Blank & Jones, Café del Mar style. Relax Volume 6 also features a French language track for summer patios and Freixenet ads – a cover of Francoise Hardy’s Comment te dire adieu by Gallic schlager starlet Berry which brings to mind some all-too-fitting words by T-Bone Burnett: “We live in an age of music for people who don’t like music. The record industry discovered some time ago that there aren’t that many people who actually like music. For a lot of people, music’s annoying, or at the very least they don’t need it. They discovered if they could sell music to a lot of those people, they could sell a lot more records.”

Berry – Comment te dire adieu

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  1. Lewis Francis

    Two of the women that most tug at my heart and make me sigh connect in one song.

  2. Maks

    LOL @ Gallic schlager starlet.
    Nice laid-back, sunny and stripped version though. But it’s almost over 30° C over here, that might help.