Interesting shows with Jane are coming up. Together with Arthur H, Stef Kamil Carlens and Waits-collaborator David Coulter Birkin is part of a tribute to the Tom Waits-album Rain Dogs. She appears in two shows, one in Eindhoven (Holland) and one in Paris. Later on, Jane and four ‘of the best Japanese musicians’ pay tribute to the songs of Serge Gainsbourg. Why? Well, Jane asked herself the same question. From her site: ‘I’d done it all before, Serge in pop, arabesque, classic quator, 14 musicians, 6 musicians, a harp, a squeeze box, violins…’. But then the earthquake in Japan happened. Jane was shocked: ‘I have known these people for forty years… “go there” I thought… tell them that back home folk are thinking of them, but get there, “and do what ?” What can I do? …the only thing I can do… a concert…’ That concert grew into a full-blown tour. She’s coming to Amsterdam, various European cities and the US. See here. Reviews of the show (links, or written by you) are welcomed!

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Skunkeye

    I’ll try to make the DC 930 club show!

  2. Jan Willem

    Hadn’t realised she would be appearing in Eindhoven. I already had tickets on account of Tom Waits and all. (Last weekend I finished my new Dutch lyrics to the tune of “Walking Spanish” from Rain Dogs for my band’s Christmas tour. Quite unrelated to the original text.)

  3. timo

    holy crap, she’s coming to helsinki! just got me a ticket, thank you so much for this post, i hadn’t seen anything about the gig in the local press here.

  4. Lewis Francis

    I’ll be at the DC show in December, thanks for the reminder to pick up tickets.

  5. Maks

    Wow, that’s some news! Last time at Paradiso was brilliant.
    Looking forward to Eindhoven, maybe Carré too.