We’re sorry. There is a lot happening. And we tend to miss things. That is the only reason I can find for writing so late about our sweetheart Berry. We only mentioned her here. Nothing more. And of course Berry deserves more (and not only because she is the French singer I saw perform more than once here in the Netherlands).
But what to think about the new album “Les Passagers” that we have to wait about for more than two years? It is a lovely album. If you like Berry that is. Don’t we all? That said, it doesn’t really surprise. There are no songs that really stand out, like we had on her first album, “Mademoiselle“. That album, #2 on the 2008 yearlist, had songs like the title song “Mademoiselle” and “Le bonheur” keep humming in your head. But even, after a few rounds of listening I can’t name a song so intense on the new album.
But still, more of the same isn’t always a bad thing. That proofs this song “Ce matin”.
Be honest, isn’t that the Berry we like to sing for us for ages?

Berry – Ce Matin
See the video for Si C’est La Vie

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  1. Lewis Francis

    I take that back, apparently Berry ISN’T available in Spotify for US users — i was seeing my own local Berry collection. Sigh.

  2. Lewis Francis

    You can buy the import CD from Amazon, but not digital downloads from Amazon nor iTMS. She’s on Spotify, but I’m disinclined to pay for the service that allows downloads. I’d like her to find a larger audience in the states, but I’m guessing there are legal issues — there appears to be an American “Berry” who sings R&B or EDM? And no, Deezer’s not available in the states.

  3. guuzbourg

    Berry isn’t available via Spotify in the States? You know you can download via Spotify. Deezer’s not available in the States, is it?

  4. SteveinSoCal

    Lewis – as a long-time Francophone exile in the States I can only share your pain. Frankly it’s a joke and it’s about time that the Muzak Biz embraced the “global economy”

  5. Lewis Francis

    It’s criminal that you can *still* not buy her music in digital form in the US.

  6. Lewis Francis

    I’m with Mordi, I can play it forever and wish that voice would be the last thing I hear before going to sleep. 😉

  7. mordi

    it’s a fantastic album – i can play it on loop and never get bored of it, which means i shall never get bored of it! i think it’s equally as good as mademoiselle.

  8. SteveinSoCal

    Can’t believe I was so harsh…. bad day at the ranch.

  9. SteveinSoCal

    I really, really wanted to like this. I loved “Mademoiselle” and was really hoping that this might be a contender. But after streaming from Berry’s website truth is it’s OK, but nothing stands out and I’m afraid “Les Passagers” doesn’t even rate as “a close but no cigar”. It’s a real shame – the voice is there, but this is just lazy.