It is a difficult one…we do Filles that sing in French, and sometimes in English. But now we have an issue: Aylin Prandi is born in Paris, but has released a surprising  album with.. Italian classics from the sixties, seventies and eighties. A little bit comparable to what Mareva Galanter did a few years ago with french yé-yé classics.
But in case you are in doubt if we should discuss her work here, just look at her version of Adriano Celentano’s 24.000 Baci.
One song is a French original: Twist À Saint-Tropez, originally by Les Chats Sauvages form 1961. Belgian New Wave act Telex made a cover of the song in 1978. Now Aylin does an Italian cover, in her own style. Summer ain’t over!

Dick Rivers & Les Chats Sauvages – Twist À Saint-Tropez
Telex – Twist À Saint-Tropez
Aylin Prandi – Twist À Saint-Tropez


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  1. ReneS

    Born in France but with an Italian father and Argentinian mother…

  2. mordi

    i’ve just had a listen on……..hmmmm. the thing is italian is just not french! and french rules!

  3. mordi

    ‘surprising’? does this mean good?! it certainly sounds enticing!

  4. reader

    Ah, but what if she performed a version of Celantano’s … ahem … ‘ Prisencolinensinainciusol ‘ ? Would you post that ? Or … Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious ? Or some Jabberwocky or Vogon Poetry ? ( You must forgive the penchant for polysyllabic sesquipedalian verbage, for I have always been antidisestablishmentarianistically inclined myself, & it’s too late in my life to change ! )