20150122 Ariane Moffatt PortraitAriane Moffatt is one of this blogs favourite artists,although apart from last year’s (wonderful) single “Soleil chaleur” things – at least on the musical front – have been quiet since 2012’s “MA” (although to be fair Ariane and partner Florence Marcil-Denault recently became parents) – but now she’s back – not only with a new single “Debout”, but also a new album “22h22”, scheduled to be released in March.

It’s only January, but I suspect you’ll have to go some to find a better example of dreamy, synth-pop as will be released this year. “Debout” is a stand-out dance-floor filler that brings to mind Fanny Bloom’s “Pan”, and is beautiful and heartfelt song to the power and triumph of love and relationships… Welcome back Ariane!

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  1. marksl

    Ariane Moffatt’s ‘Debout’ competes well as a danseable track with Marie-Pierre Arthur’s ‘Rien à faire’ issued 2 weeks earlier – see my review on Filles Sourires on 6/1/15. We shall see how the two albums match up to the singles put out first.
    The last 30 seconds of instrumental on ‘Debout’ starting at 2m45s are so goof that one wishes they were much longer.
    Ariane focussed in 2013 on Téléquébec’s ‘La Voix’ as the ‘coach’ to the winner, Valérie Carpentier. Valérie was the stand-out competitor and with Ariane writing for her, she won ‘La Voix’ easily that year with ‘A fleur de peau’. Valérie has since issued an album, ‘L’Été des orages’ which had high sales in Canada in 2013-14.
    Ariane and Valérie produced the most memorable guest performance on the stage at the 2014 final of ‘La Voix’, with first ‘Notre amour’ (written by Alex Nevsky for Valérie) and then (from 2m15s) Ariane’s ethereal ‘Soleil chaleur’ sung in duo. See on Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrYUSYD1zjQ