Tracks from Histoire de Melody Nelson spice up tracks by rappers (De La Soul was the first band to sample Serge), triphoppers, singer-songwriters and French funnymen. Here’s a resumé of all tracks that have a Melody Nelson-sample. If you know of/have more, let me know. Tomorrow: the cover versions.


Sample source En Melody:
David Holmes – S***! S***! S***! (from the Ocean’s 13 OST) (2007)
De La Soul – Not over ’til the Fat Lady plays the demo (1991)

Sample source La ballade de Melody Nelson:
Soul Position – Survival (feat. Greenhouse effect) (2003)
French Cowboy – La ballade de Baby Face Nelson (2007)

Sample source Ah! Melody:
De La Soul & Cee-Lo Green – Held down (2001)

Sample source Valse de Melody:
Luke Vibert – Voyage into the unknown (also contains a sample of 69 Année Erotique) (1997)

Sample source Cargo culte:
Princess Superstar – You get mad at Napster (2002)
Massive Attack – KarmaComa (Portishead remix) (1995)
Lickweed – La structure et l’instinct (1997)
Mirwais – V.I. (2000)
David Holmes – Don’t Die Just Yet (1997)
Beck – Paper Tiger (2002)
Beatnuts – Superbad (1994)
2 Bal 2 Neg – La magie du tiroir (1996)
Pop Will Eat Itself – Home (1994)

EXTRA: two tracks mashing up Serge and jazz-singer Oscar Brown Jr, using Melody Nelson-songs. HERE

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. guuzbourg

    Hi Dom, thanks for the comment. Heard the song, it’s nice but I doubt there’s a Gainsbourg-sample in there somewhere.

  2. Dom

    Blimey Guuzbourg that’s some hefty compiling!

    One that springs to mind that’s not on the list is Arab Strap’s The Holiday Girl, which is kind of a remix of David Holmes’ Don’t Die Just Yet, but they’ve really made their own song out of it >

    I can send you an mp3 if you like

  3. Maks

    Oh my, there’s quite some research done.
    Thanks, brilliant stuff to listen to while waiting for my copy of the Melody Nelson Super Deluxe box to come.