We’re sorry. There is a lot happening. And we tend to miss things. That is the only reason I can find for writing so late about our sweetheart Berry. We only mentioned her here. Nothing more. And of course Berry deserves more (and not only because she is the French singer I saw perform more than once here in the Netherlands).
But what to think about the new album “Les Passagers” that we have to wait about for more than two years? It is a lovely album. If you like Berry that is. Don’t we all? That said, it doesn’t really surprise. There are no songs that really stand out, like we had on her first album, “Mademoiselle“. That album, #2 on the 2008 yearlist, had songs like the title song “Mademoiselle” and “Le bonheur” keep humming in your head. But even, after a few rounds of listening I can’t name a song so intense on the new album.
But still, more of the same isn’t always a bad thing. That proofs this song “Ce matin”.
Be honest, isn’t that the Berry we like to sing for us for ages?

Berry – Ce Matin
See the video for Si C’est La Vie

Emily Loizeau, Berry

A new Emily Loizeau album! In September! Check out the rural preview

In other news: If you have a Facebook-account, you can listen to Berry’s new album here. And if you don’t have an FB-account, try the title track:

Berry – Les passagers

New album Berry coming up

The new Berry album ‘Les Passagers’ will be released on 23 april.
Above a video of one of her new tracks: ‘Si C’est La Vie’.

Vincent Liben + Berry

Vincent Liben‘s solo-album was championed on this blog in 2009. Tout va disparaitre was a great way for Liben to let out his inner unshaven, smoking French guy. One of the best songs on the album was Mademoiselle Liberté, a duet with the lovely Stephanie Croibien (see video HERE). The song is also on the Musique Fantastique cd I compiled. As a teaser for the upcoming album (out in May), Vincent re-recorded Mademoiselle Liberté with none other than Berry. But this time, Liben sings the parts of Croibien, and Berry sings his parts. Intersting version, great to hear Berry again. Looking forward to her new stuff as well.

Liben & Berry – Mademoiselle Liberté


Throws me back to the early days of this blog, sounds like a Berry tune. It’s new, it’s on Le Pop #10, and it’s here:

Hunger with Cantona

Sophie Hunger - SupermoonShe’s back on track again, Sophie Hunger, the attractive multi talented singer-songwriter and film composer from Zurich, Switzerland released a new album yesterday called Supermoon. Most of the tracks on the Deluxe Edition are sung in English. Six tracks are sung in German/Swiss though and two – and now we’re getting somewhere – are sung in French.
Hunger delivers an outstanding album, more rockier, more up-tempo than we were used to and more electronics are involved, but still unmistakably Sophie Hunger. Her soft voice blends superb in more rockier songs like ‘We are the Living’ (with a somewhat Histoire de Melody-esque intro) and is intimate and intoxicating in more quiet songs like ‘Die Ganze Welt’. Supermoon is produced by John Vanderslice, who also worked with Death Cab For Cutie and St. Vincent and especially the last is someone Hunger must have been listening to lately.

Now back to one of the two French tracks on the album: ‘La chanson d’Hélène’. Originally written by Philippe Sarde and Jean-Loup Dabadie for the 1970 movie Les choses de la vie (as you might have read here). Hunger recorded it en duet with… Eric Cantona. Say what?! Yes, Cantona, the legendary former French international football player, the man with the temper and nowadays actor is singing along with Hunger like he never did something else before. In the best Serge Gainsbourg tradition he murmurs the song to one of the best on this album, which is one heck of a compliment with so many other great tracks on the album.

So you might have read more on La chanson d’Hélène earlier here on Filles Sourires, but those tracks were down meanwhile. Because of the great Hunger/Cantona addition we re-up them on FS.

La Chanson d’Hélène:
Sophie Hunger & Eric Cantona
Berry & Daniel Darc
Dream Makers
Françoiz Breut
Get Well Soon
Jasmin Tabatabai
Marina Celeste
Romy Schneider & Michel Piccoli
Youn Sun Nah & Roland Brival

Bastien Lallemant, Vincent Liben

Not often do we feature male singers on this blog, but when it comes to Bastien Lallemant and Vincent Liben, sheer quality urges us to urge you to take note. Plus the fact that they duet with some lovely filles.

Bastien Lallemant takes his time when he records – La Maison Haute follows 2010’s Le Verger. Musically, he’s on par with Dominiqu Ané and Bertrand Belin – carefully crafted chansons with hints of Americana. Think of a stripped down, late-night Calexico. French reviews of La Maison Haute mention Gainsbourg’s masterpiece Melody Nelson – apparently, La Maison Haute is his take on L’Hotel Particulier. Hear the lush strings in Un million d’Années (below) to get a taste, but no mention of underaged redheads ran over by Rolls Royces, tho. Lallemant made this album with help from a string of likeminded artists: JP Nataf, Seb Martel, Katel, Maissiat, Albin de la Simone and Francoiz Breut. The latter sings a beautiful duet (Le Vieil Amour) that’s not on Soundcloud or YouTube alas, check Spotify and/or Deezer.
This lead track is also quite nice:

Belgian counterpart Vincent Liben has a thing for Serge G. as well. Animalé is his second solo-album (he was member of Mud Flow), the first album featured a great duet with Berry (clip). This time, girlfriend Lisza backs him up on the gorgeous (and very Gainsbourgian) L’ennui. Animalé has lush strings as well (Sous les draps, Lila) and has more ‘oomph’ than Lallemant’s offering – just a fact, not a value judgement. Both are great albums.
VL’s album is on Youtube, some tracks are on Soundcloud.

Vincent Liben

Guestposter Adrian Arratoon on the one Vincent Liben song that almost got away:

With so much stimulus on and offline, if you close your eyes for more than five minutes it’s easy for things that would otherwise engage you to pass you by. Such is the case with this invigorating track by Belgian artist Vincent Liben, whose track Mademoiselle Liberté, guest starring Filles favourite Berry, made waves a couple of year ago. Last year he sneaked this track, Animalé, out on Soundcloud and YouTube. I know, it’s taken me 15 months to notice it; finger on the pulse, me.

It’s such a cliché to say that some music is “cinematic” but this certainly fits the bill; ominous piano chimes, sweeping strings, shimmering guitars and so on. His music, and that of his band Mud Flow, also appears on the soundtrack for François Ozon’s latest film, Jeune et Jolie. It’s about a young girl who loses her virginity then becomes a call girl: seriously, it couldn’t be any more French if it started shouting at people in a minor traffic jam while wearing a blue and white hooped Breton fisherman’s jersey and a beret. And smoking. Gauloises.

Anyway, this song is epic. Tindersticks epic. Widescreen epic. Better late than never; you’ll love it.

Yearlists (3)

Here’s the yearlist of regular guestposter Mordi, he of the world famous Blowupdoll blog:

2013 has been a interesting year for French music – not a lot that I liked, but what did, I absolutely loved passionately. There were also some huge disappointments too courtesy of Alizée and Carla Bruni. but let’s focus on the positives! – these are my frenchie faves 2013:
1Albin De La Simone – Un Homme
WOW! This is probably the most played album in my house, car and i-phone this year. 100 times better than anything he’s released before – the production on this album is perfect- the songs are thoughtful, witty, quirky and beautiful. I am still not bored of it. Recommended listen: Ma Crise

2Alex Beaupain – Apres Moi Le Deluge
I am a huge fan of Alex – such wonderful songs, full of passion. He didn’t let me down this year- an album full of different styles but all with his signature emotive depth. Recommended listen: Vite

3Rose – Et Puis Juin
A subtle album full of beautiful tunes, slightly in the same vein as Berry. Recommended listen :Aux eclats je ris

4Alka – La Premier Fois
(Read my original view on this blog!) All I really need to say is Biolay + Gainsbourg influences + Adjani style vocals (but all with a contemporary feel) = a top album. Recommended listen : D’un amore a l’autre

5Vanessa Paradis – Love Songs
A near perfect album. Biolay is present again here in the song writing. She sounds the best she ever has – less nasal and with a mature confidence. And a double cd too – so much to enjoy. Recommended listen: Les Espaces et les Sentiments

6BB Brunes – Long Courier
I’m not going to pretend this is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard – but for a short while I really enjoyed it. If you fancy a change of scene from delicate female vocals – try something a bit more guitar based. Recommend listen: Aficionado

7 Mylene Farmer – Monkey Me
I know this came out at the tail end of 2012 but it seemed to get a bit lost, so it’s on my list for this year. It’s what you’d now expect from Mylene. moody, melancholy electro-dance numbers. no new surprises from mylene- just a reliable, if predictable, but a bloody enjoyable album. Recommended listen : Elle a dit