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French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Oscar

    Felicitations Guuz. I allways discover new French music. And you can never have enough French musique!

  2. marksl

    Thanks to the link, I have enjoyed reading entries from the first month of Filles Sourires, September 2005. Particularly the entry for Francoise Hardy at

    At that time Françoise Hardy’s private life had been rather forgotten, so the text speculated somewhat. More recent growth of interest in the great lady, including TV films about her which can be found on Youtube, has reminded us that she has managed to stay married to Jacques Dutronc all these years (with difficulty). And since 2005 their son Thomas (Françoise’s only child) has made a name for himself.

    ‘Francophile Etoile’ on 15-09-2005 advised that the best FH album to buy now is “the Vogue Years” Compilation, a 2-disc/50-track CD set. It still is. The British HMV chain, struggling on, has it, so it is the one FH album you can usually buy easily in the UK. It has not only the well-known tracks but many others from 1962-67. It shows us just how remarkable and revolutionary Françoise was, half a century ago now.

  3. Mrb

    Joyeux Anniversaire ………….

  4. mordi

    and what a fantastic start too!
    bon anniversaire my friend!

  5. SteveinSoCal

    Bon Anniversaire to Guuz and all the FS regulars. And thanks for introducing me to great new artists, old favourites and challenging a few prejudices. Here’s to Number 9!