stellaSebwax is one of the regulars of formidable bootlegger hideaway BootlegsFR who also participated in La Masheillaise; the guy has a quite rewarding website as well. His amalgam of French hip-hoppers NTM and Gainsbourg’s „Je t’aime“ is as fresh in 2015 as it was when released two years ago.

Sebwax – Serge est encore là (93 vs 69)

Always in for a soixante-neuf, fellow mash-up artist DRA’man fuses Serge with Missy Elliot … Jeez, that sounds like an awful lot of fucking, just like bro-in-mind Serge intended it to be.

DRA’man – 69 Lick Shots

Talking Gainsbourg, how about a splendid instro version of La Javanaise you always wanted to hear, but were afraid to ask? French classical guitarist/ composer Roland Dyens makes an intimate song an even more intimate experience.

Roland Dyens – La Javanaise

For adepts of The Order of the Fragile Vocals: A no less inspired Javanaise version by stunning blonde Stella Le Page (see b&w pic), including an equally ravissant cello and Cinemascope arrangement. Eat your heart out, CdP.

Stella Le Page – La Javanaise

Quite more mundane is Harry J’s fairground loop Je t’aime version from 1969’s Liquidator album, probably the incentive for Serge to try again reggae-style with Sly & Robbie on Aux Arms et Caetera. Caution: Rrralph’s Vomit Bag required after three rounds of listening.

Harry J All Stars – Je t’aime

Last not least for the Sixty-Niner’s nephew. Serge’s nephew Alain Zaoui, but record-wise, Monsieur Alain Ravaillac for you. In 1982, SG produced Ravaillac’s sleaze funk epic La Discométhèque with Goblin-like synth sounds and the immortal opening: „La queue à la main, joint au bec, la Discométhèque“. An overdose of testosterone poetry that Serge commented with a single word: Brill.

Alain Ravaillac – La Discométhèque

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  1. guuzbourg

    Diggin’ Roland Dyens really hard!