Où sont les filles?

Où sont les filles? That’s the question. One of the filles is called Anne Camille, and she’s the one playing the Jane Birkin role in the new single by Paris-based foursome (one couple + two garçons) Où Sont Les Filles. They’re inpired by Serge & Jane, obviously, Air, Seb Tellier and lush 70s pop. How on target with this blog can you get?

Old video:

Marion Elgé

Actually I’m indebted to the excellent bilingual music blog “From B to Zee” for introducing me to the emerging talent that is French singer-songwriter Marion Elgé.

Hailing from Valence, Marion has thanks to a crowd-funding campaign, successfully auto-financed her debut 6-track EP which – with the assistance of David Granier (percussionist with La Grande Sophie) – should hopefully be released before the end of this year.

As a teaser Marion has made three distinctly varied tracks available via Soundcloud; “Color Me” is unashamedly poppy (I’d argue that it’s up there with Grenadine’s “Bonjour Tristesse” as one of the pop-songs of the year) and features one of those distinctively catchy hooks that burrows deep into the skull alongside a guitar solo which hints at an inner rock-chick that surfaces again on the pop-rock “Vas-y”.

However it’s “Je Penche” that really grabs the attention. This is a cent-pour-cent chanson that steers effortlessly into the Bluesy-jazz territory that Zaz has made her own and more than suggests that Marion can turn her hand to any number of differing musical styles.

New Yelle single

Just sound, no video. But still. Album’s out later this month, and is produced by Dr Luke, the genius (well, according to some) behind hits of Katy Perry, Pink and Britney Spears. A thing that makes you go hmmm, hmmm?



Noémie (no, not the singer of Hooverphonic) has it all: a sensual, husky voice not unlike that of Emilie Simon (listen to that little hiccup!), top-collaborators (Adrienne Pauly, Luce, Christophe, The Shoes’ Benjamin Lebeau) and a video with images from the movie L’Effrontée starring a young Charlotte Gainsbourg. Her EP’s out now, an album will be released later this year. Enchantée.

Vanessa Contenay-Quinones

A new album’s coming up by one of the most gorgeous neo-yeye chanteuses, Vanessa Contenay-Quinones. The first single is a winner: fuzz guitars, tambourines, phat drums and that husky voice of V. Listen:

Want more? In the coming days, new tracks are posted on Vanessa’s Soundcloud.