It’s a wrap! Bonne Année from FransS, Maks, Sky and me, we hope to see you again next year. The idea was to post one final yearlist, but really, how many Coeur de Pirate-songs do we need to post to convince you she made the best album of the year (okay, well, maybe Sky needs some extra convincing). If you have Spotify, check out this playlist of the bestest songs of 2011.

So on to 2012. In January, we’ll be posting songs that slipped under our radar in the past year. But if something new pops up (a covers album by Olivia Ruiz, for instance) you sure can read about it here too.

Hopes are up high for a new albums by Barbara Carlotti, Céline Mastrorelli (pictured), La Fiancée, Adrienne Pauly, Coralie Clément, Vanessa Paradis, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Rose, Valérie Leulliot, Pauline Croze, Marie-Pierre Arthur, Carmen Maria Vega, Amylie, Ariane Moffatt, La Femme and a whole bunch of fresh faces.


Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Anna

    New Olivia ruiz..yay. The rest will hopefully be good too. Loving Charlotte’s Stage whisper.

  2. maxim

    Wanted to thank you for posting Coeur de Pirate and Armistice tracks, I bought both album and EP, and I am very thankful to you for doing so!

    Keep blogging!