La Naranja Mecanica

Unless you live under a rock, you probably know the Dutch football-team plays the World Championship final on Sunday. I won’t post any of the Dutch WC-songs (if you’re curious, click), but rather one of the best chansons ever about a Dutch footballplayer (from the 70s and 80s, but still).

Parfait Summer

HERE you can find a mix (download from where it says HIER) with my favourite French summer songs of this year (some released last year, but soit) , it’s a reaction to this mix made by my friend Norbert Pek, that I can also recommend (download that one from HIER). Some tracks you may know and not every track on my Parfait-mix is in French, just to show you how rich French music can be. Raul Paz comes from Cuba, the girl from Dinner at the Thompson’s is American and Pony Pony Run Run just like to sing and sound like a British band, I guess. Have fun on the autoroute du soleil, or wherever you may roam. (Yes, I know the title is grammatically incorrect, but the series is called Perfect …, so there)

Commercial Serge

Serge Gainsbourg appeared in quite a few commercials back in the day, there are a few on Youtube and other video sites like this one, this one and NOT this one. Probably the most famous ad he did was for Black & White whiskey. Here you can also download a song Serge and Jane made for after shave brand Caron. (Thanks Anna) EDIT: The Perrier-commercial was not made by Serge (see the comments). I googled some more, and found this one, probably the best commercial EVER with Serge in it (if you don’t get the joke, see this).

In other Gainsbourg-related news: meet Benjamin Paulin, who styled the cover of his first album after Serge’s debut-EP. His music refers to Leonard Cohen, MC Solaar and Serge of course. I’m crazy about the long (7 minutes) title track, that sounds like an updated inedit of Melody Nelson. See more here.

Benjamin Paulin – L’homme moderne

Summer songs (2)

Two pretty songs to let the sun shine in. But no singles. You can watch Brune in the video above sing N’oublie pas, from her recently released EP (featuring the fantastic Paris). But I chose for Rupture Song, in which she proves that French girls singing in English can be highly charming (as if we did not know this already).

The single for Annecy-born Loren Lopez‘ EP is British Attraction, a great video that shows her as France’s answer to Lily Allen and Kate Nash. But La Romance is a far better song, very sixties-oriented with a super-bassline.

Brune – Rupture Song
Loren Lopez – La Romance