The Limiñanas

The Limiñanas are Marie Limiñana (drums) and Lionel Limiñana (guitar, vocals) who get help on their first single from’Mu’.  You can find great review of earlier singles on their Myspace, like ‘With grandiose production and simple, melodic hooks that would make Phil Spector blush in his jail uniform, The Liminanas have that special something that embeds their harmonious arrival quickly into your brain, sending a sinister vibe through the original ye-ye formula and coming out with remarkable results.’ Or:   ‘If the Velvet Underground had written songs with Serge Gainsbourg, it’d probably have sounded something like this trio from Perpignan.’  Je ne suis pas tres drogue sounds very Lio-esque to me, which as you know is a good thing.

The Limiñanas – Je ne suis pas très droguee


Guestpost! Bas Mars on Amesoeurs:

Amesoeurs combines fragile female voices with black metal. Sounds improbable? The band itself thought so too; they split up in 2009 due to ‘creative differences’. No suprise there, because black metal is everything but fragile, and fragile filles are as far away from evil and blackness as Belgium from winning the world cup soccer. But still, the French band Amesoeurs (with bandleader Neige from Peste Noir and Alcest, no novices in the world of black metal) tried to combine the two, and put also things like new wave and shoegaze in their blender. Well, to make a long story short: the ingredients differ too much to make it tasty all the time, but on several occasions Amesoeurs succeeds in making the perfect synthesis of the different genres, and on those moments the result really is superb. Best example – and best song on the album for that matter – is ‘Heurt’; completely original in combining full speed raging black metal with the fragile vocals from Audrey Sylvain (pictured). Magnificent. Most of the other songs don’t really combine the genres; black metal on one side, shoegaze/wave/postpunk on the other, fragile Audrey against screaming Neige. Surely very nice in its own way, but no real marriage between the two. The contrasts too big, therefore the inevitable break-up. A bit of a shame really, but we’ll always have ‘Heurt’.

Amesoeurs – Heurt

Chanson sur une drôle de vie

FS-reader Jean-Philippe asked me to post this song by Géraldine Nakache and (the very hot) Leila Behkti (as Ely and Lila) from the movie Tout ce qui brille. J-P saw the movie, ‘a nice way to spend a grey afternoon’, and he says it’s about ‘two girls, living in suburbia, just 10 minutes from Paris. They see this distance as 10 minutes from real life: night, parties, beautiful people, money etc… The girls can’t resist the call and dive in. One gets lost in the odd world, the other one grows closer to her family after experiencing this way of life.’ For the soundtrack, a lot of music by The Streets is used, but also a cover of a Veronique Sanson song. See Sanson play it live here (botox-alert!).

Veronique Sanson – Chanson sur un drôle de vie
Ely & Lila (Géraldine Nakache & Leila Behkti) – Chanson sur un drôle de vie

David Byrne, Fatboy Slim, Camille…and Imelda

Here Lies Love is a cd/dvd combo with songs written bij David Byrne (plus musical help by Fatboy Slim) about Imelda Marcos. No, the shoes aren’t mentioned. Byrne is fascinated by people in power, wat power does to them and what makes them tick. For the vocals on the 22 (!) songs, he asked an impressive bunch of mostly female singers. Several of whom were featured on this blog, like Shara Worden of My Brightest Diamand, Martha Wainwright and the lovely Camille. The latter doesn’t sing in French, alas, but you’ll recognise her instantly. Fun album. There will be a theatrical production too.

David Byrne, Fatboy Slim & Camille – Pretty Face

Pop Bâtard XIV: Le Art of le B-Job

French DJ & mash-up artist Sugamotor is becoming kind of a regular at FS, and rightly so. A sound aficionado at heart, he’s also a dedicated spare time pornographer – as well as me, Serge, and … erm, are you in, Guuz? – having designed some of the sexiest bootleg covers never going to be available in a record store. „Initially I wanted to find a girl licking a car body“, says Suga, „but no matter what I typed, Google images was showing me 50% of gay blow-job pics.“ Surely worth a try, but Suga’s final eye-candy pick is from Grand Theft Auto 4, a girl with a very special hand – and a highly adequate illustration for his stunning blend of Serge’s very own version of Les Sucettes with the grooves of French (Madonna) producer Mirwais.

Sugamotor – I Can’t Wait for the Sucette

>Sophie Hunger

Swiss beauty Sophie Hunger was featured on this blog before with a live version of of Noir Desir’s classic Le vent nous portera (see here), lucky for all of us she included it on her just-released new (3rd) album 1983. It’s the only French song on that album (named after the year she was born), but boy, what a beauty. See original (with help from Manu Chao) here. See a beautiful video of Sophie singing the song here.

Sophie Hunger – Le vent nous portera