On September 11, 2005, I started a blog about girls, singing in French. Ten years later, it’s still here, thanks to contributing editors MVB, Sky, Steve J, FransS and Mark Sullivan. Plus occassional guestposters like Sami, Mordi, Sylvester and others. Thanks for the support. Now back to the (new) music:

More on Sages comme des sauvages HERE

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Sky

    Still unrivaled, mijnheer, and gee, as time goes by.

  2. apero

    Thanks a lot for introducing me to Sophie Hunger, Coeur de Pirate, Axelle Red, Coralie Clement, Camille, Keren Ann, Soko, … and don’t stop please!

  3. marksl

    Congratulations on ten years of Filles Sourires. For those of us who have joined more recently, a look back at the first week of posts in September 2005 is most interesting. Jane Birkin, Francoise Hardy and France Gall of the ‘classics’ were discussed. Ariane Moffat, Axelle Red, DaphnĂ©, Camille and Clarika, covered then, are all active in 2015. Some other names featured have vanished. Who among today’s leading Filles Sourires will be as well-known in 2025? Coeur de Pirate, Zaz, La Grande Sophie, Elodie FrĂ©gĂ©?

  4. guuzbourg

    Thanks mr J. Sorry I left you out of the contributors, my bad, righted the wrong

  5. SteveinSoCal

    Happy 10th Anniversary Guuz and thanks for yet another great post about yet another band it appears I should really check-out.