Countdown time for the sexiest women. Time for number 4: the girl with the gap, the former mrs. Depp.

4. Vanessa Paradis

She’ll be forty at the end of this year, #4 in this list of 10 Sexiest women in French Music Today. Today, and twenty years earlier too, we might add. Not that we consider ourselves worthy, but when a lot of women around the world got their hopes up when Johnny Depp and ‘Nessa called their relationship quits earlier this year, we certainly balled our fists. Vanessa. Ah Vanessa!
She started her carreer as a teenager with “Joe le Taxi” (actually she even started earlier), and via ‘Tandem’ (featuring what is wideley considered to be the sexiest French videoclip ever), recently peaked with ‘Divine Idylle’. She got better by the year.
A wise man once wrote: “Vanessa Paradis is just another reason for us to thank France. She has mystery and rebellion all bottled up in what looks like an innocent appearance – but that’s surely all a façade”.
Actually that makes her the ideal ‘Fille sourire’: sweet singing, sexy, mysterious, beautiful, with a certain sense of innocence, and of course very good music that gets better too. And did I mention already that little sexy gap between her teeth?

Vanessa Paradis – Irrésistiblement

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  1. Sisteray

    Hmmm…sorry, she had it…but she lost it..

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