The patroness, who presides with her beautiful eyes over this site, came third in our round-up of sexiest French singing girls.

3. Coralie Clément

Coralie’s first album, Salle des pas perdus, still stands as a classic. Jazzy, sultry, with touches of bossa nova and Michel Legrand-like swing. An album like a lazy Sunday afternoon, best spent on cool white sheets in the shady bedroom. Benjamin Biolay wrote and produced it all for his kid sister. CC made two more albums, the ukelele-based Toy Store and the rockin’ Bye Bye Beauté. Stand-out cd’s too, that somehow did not bring her the fame she deserves. She’s versatile, she’s beautiful, her whispering is ultra-sexy (listen to Beau Fixée), she wrote a blogpost for us (here) – she should record more. And why, Lord, are there only very short clips of these two great songs on YT?

Coralie Clément – L’ombre et la lumière

Written by guuzbourg

French girls, singing. No, sighing. Making me sigh. Ah.

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  1. Sisteray

    Hard to shake Girl From Ipanema when her voice though, lovely.

  2. mordi

    i agree – this woman is amazing!
    (your blogpost link doesnt work)

    do you have any idea when to next expect some new music from her?