How about a slow, sultry, sun-goes-down and night-looks-promising, half French/half English version of ‘Spooky‘? By Pijama Land? How’about a massage too?


This band (that celebrates it’s 10th anniversary!) loves the 60s, and who doesn’t? Their EP is called ‘Shoubidou Love’, they refer to the ohlala-sound of early Brigitte Bardot and Gillian Hills and the lead single looks like this:

Aud Rey

Pop with a big P, about an ‘amour avec un grand A’. Slightly desafinado, as we like it. Short but sweet, in any shape or form:


Myra (pronunciation: ‘Maïra’) changed to French, after two EPs in English. Which is a good thing, we say. She likes warm-blooded rhythms, from flamenco to reggaeton to bossanova. First heard this new single:

And then dove in her other material. This funny video jumped out:

Yes, it’s sexy pop music. But with a nice subtlety, not just productional trickery, there’s some weight to it too. Which is nice. Find out more HERE

Parfait Eté 2024

If you follow this blog for a few years, you know two things: around the 21st of June, I put up Perfect Summer Song compilation (on Spotify) with just the right songs for your Autoroute du Soleil (wherever that route may lay) pleasure. And 2: The name, Parfait Eté, is a crime against the French language but I just don’t care. So, for the 2024 edition (the 15th compilation) you go HERE

This year, I chose mostly 80s inspired songs, by bands & artists like Le Couleur, Ricky Hollywood, Fishbach, Petit Nuage and Perez. Songs that, to me, sound like the music I heard in the 80s when was sitting on the backseat of my parents car, on our way down the Autoroute du Soleil. Songs French radio played to death, like Rouge et Noir by Jeanne Mas, any Princess Stephanie single, Cargo by by Axel Bauer and anything by Indochine and Niagara. Those days. But then, now.


Cosmic indie-psyche-soul. It’s a thing, and Toulouse duo Ceylon, comprised of Louise Holt and Tristan Chevalier, play this. To break it down: there are West-African-ish guitar lines, downtempo rhythms, funky basslines, psych-electronics (very subtle), plus the high, sultry voice of Louise and the more down to earth groan of Tristan. Two albums so far, and a handful of singles. I’d never heard of ‘m before (shame), but their latest offering is VERY up my alley. See this: