Dawa Salfati

You may have heard Dawa Salfati as a guest singer on several electronica- and dub-tracks, her own music is as chill as those tracks, but more folksy, more guitars less beats. The first EP ‘Tabou’ is just out, and her breezy voice is a good fit for the late-sunny music:

De Flore, Bonnie, Juniore

Three tracks you should hear! This subtle discofied song from De Flore’s new EP;

From Bonnie Banane’s great album (part English, part French), this prize and very fun track. Bonnie’s album is on Bandcamp, but I can’t share tracks (odd):

Plus, a very welcome return to a very fine form, this new exciting Juniore track:


New, gorgeous sweet folksy track by Swiss singer Meimuna (Cyrielle Formaz). For this track, she got help from Dutch singer/producer Ella van der Woude, who did a terrific job. Also, check Meimuna’s duet with Gaspard Sommer.

Soraï, Halo Maud

Rap is rarely posted on this blog, not that I don’t enjoy a bit of boom-bap, but usually I choose for the more hushed, sultry and soothing sounds. Soraï is from Montreal, you can tell because she seamlessly raps in both English and French(-Canadian). Her debut album Synesthésies has a colourful, 90s indie hiphop vibe (think Luscious Jackson, Beastie Boys, that scene) which I like a lot, and grew up with. But Soraï adds a lot of personality and (personal) style to her music too. Have a taste:

Also seamlessly in both English and French (sometimes in one song), and very on the beat, is Halo Maud. She doesn’t rap, and though her music is very rhythmic (three drummers!) it’s not hiphop. It’s more psychedelic, magical, wonderous. I love this track;

Fleur, Tess Merlot

Two Dutch singers, featured here before, with new tracks. Tess Merlot, as you know, loves the golden years of 60s/70s chanson. Her gorgeous, creamy album Chante La Vie is out now and features this duet with total Dutch vocal hero Ben Cramer:

And Fleur, above, loves the 60s music from France as well, but takes a more jubilant, YeYe-approach. This new single rocks anyone who loves Clothilde, Annie Philippe, early France Gall.

Hotel Particulier

Hotel Particulier is an indie rock(ish) band from Lyon, France. Yes, they’re named after de Serge Gainsbourg-song (on the Melody Nelson album), they say they’re inspired by Jeff Buckley and Radiohead, you can hear that in earlier tracks. This is the new single:

Francoiz Breut

Ooh la la, Francoiz is spoiling us with yet another brilliant single, one with some heavy Stereolab vibes. An ode to spring, if I’m understanding it correctly. On her Facebook, she says about this track: ‘Joy joy joy of the sprouts, of the strength of the root under the bitumen. May the spring give us strength!’