Jo Wedin, Jean Felzine

You know sharp dressed & coiffed Jean Felzine, frontman of French RNR band Mustang. You might know Jo Wedin of MAI. What you really need to know is that Jo & Jean made a very cool duet, inna Blue Velvet-Chris Isaak-smoking hot blonde-stylee. Watch below

You can download the track for free HERE

Jo & Jean recorded other duets, check out this one

Mustang vs Gainsbourg

French neo-rockabilly trio recorded an EP with reprises of old tunes, songs by Brassens, Don Cavalli, Patrick Coutin and yes, our Serge. Most of the time, these cover-EPs consist of throwaway versions, recorded just for fun, material to keep the fans happy. Mustang Reprend is just that – the arrangement of Brassens’ Je me suis fait tout petit is fine, Coutin’s J’aime regarder les filles doesn’t have the bite of the original and Chez les Yé-Yé does swing ferociously, but lacks the contempt of Gainsbourg, your honour. Still, I’ve heard worse.

Mustang – Chez les yé-yé
Video of Serge’s original HERE