New Parfait Eté

Yes yes y’all, the new and bestest playlist for your (French) summer holiday is here, featuring all French producers. It’s a glitzy, disofied affair, featuring Brigitte, L’imperatrice, Octave Noir and Paradis, either remixed or orignal. Go HERE


Alexia Gredy

Model turned singer, in probably all other countries and languages this label is a turn off. Except in France/French. See and hear for yourself (and yes, it does help that Aline is producing):

Alexia’s EP (featuring tracks produced by Baxter Dury and probably Geoff ‘Portishead’ Barrow), drops later this month.

Perfect Summer playlist


Yes, it’s here again, the Parfait Eté-playlist I make every year (the spelling error remains too), with purrfect French tunes to light up your summer daze. It’s all French, it’s all about sun, sea, sand and (thanks Serge) a li’l sex too.
Go HERE for the links to Spotify and Deezer.

Perfect Framericana

Framericana is French Americana, that’s blues, country, cajun ‘n rock all rolled together in, well, a croissant would be the most appropriate. I made a playlist featuring Alain Bashung, Betrand Belin, Marie Pierre Arthur, Les Hay Babies, Feloche, Axelle Red and Les soeurs Boulay (to name but a few), with songs that sound like they have Arizonan sand in the grooves and Appalachian gravel in the bones. Anyhoo, have a listen HERE

Perfect Non-English Pop

perfect_pop_differente_-300x300Just a quick note to the ones who still come here (out of nostalgia?): I just started a weekly updated playlist with non-English (as in: all languages except English) pop music. Go HERE, it includes French language pop too, and lots and lots of soft sighing girls.

Perfect Zuchtmeisjes

CaOFq-1W0AA6XM5One more thing: the Dutch term ‘Zuchtmeisjes’ was coined on this blog, for it was a perfect description for the girls who rocked Filles Sourires: girls who sang ‘n sighed, girls who, if you saw them, made you sigh (out of content).
For I made a Spotify- and Deezer-playlist with 27 tracks by girls who meant a lot to me, over the years. Girls that were featured many times, that I saw in person, that I spoke to in person (like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Carla Bruni, Marianne Dissard, Iris from Peppermoon, Coralie Clement, etc).
Find it HERE

This is an ex-blog


I’d like to reconsider.

For over ten years, this blog sang the praise of girls, singing in French. Plus the occassional guy, singing in French. Mostly.

It ends today. French music is alive and kicking, there’s not shortage of soft sighing girls, and thank heaven for them.
Merci for all the comments, guest-posts, tips and whatnot over the years. Thanks to Steve, Sky, FransS, David, Mark and Maks for keeping this blog up and running for so long.

If you want to keep up to date on French music, follow my Spotify playlist HERE, or check Steve’s blog regularly.

Music is forever. I’d like it very much if you would post your favourite track(s) of the past ten years of FillesSourires in the comments.