New Parfait Eté

Yes yes y’all, the new and bestest playlist for your (French) summer holiday is here, featuring all French producers. It’s a glitzy, disofied affair, featuring Brigitte, L’imperatrice, Octave Noir and Paradis, either remixed or orignal. Go HERE


Alexia Gredy

Model turned singer, in probably all other countries and languages this label is a turn off. Except in France/French. See and hear for yourself (and yes, it does help that Aline is producing):

Alexia’s EP (featuring tracks produced by Baxter Dury and probably Geoff ‘Portishead’ Barrow), drops later this month.

Perfect Summer playlist


Yes, it’s here again, the Parfait Eté-playlist I make every year (the spelling error remains too), with purrfect French tunes to light up your summer daze. It’s all French, it’s all about sun, sea, sand and (thanks Serge) a li’l sex too.
Go HERE for the links to Spotify and Deezer.

Perfect Framericana

Framericana is French Americana, that’s blues, country, cajun ‘n rock all rolled together in, well, a croissant would be the most appropriate. I made a playlist featuring Alain Bashung, Betrand Belin, Marie Pierre Arthur, Les Hay Babies, Feloche, Axelle Red and Les soeurs Boulay (to name but a few), with songs that sound like they have Arizonan sand in the grooves and Appalachian gravel in the bones. Anyhoo, have a listen HERE

Perfect Non-English Pop

perfect_pop_differente_-300x300Just a quick note to the ones who still come here (out of nostalgia?): I just started a weekly updated playlist with non-English (as in: all languages except English) pop music. Go HERE, it includes French language pop too, and lots and lots of soft sighing girls.

Perfect Zuchtmeisjes

CaOFq-1W0AA6XM5One more thing: the Dutch term ‘Zuchtmeisjes’ was coined on this blog, for it was a perfect description for the girls who rocked Filles Sourires: girls who sang ‘n sighed, girls who, if you saw them, made you sigh (out of content).
For I made a Spotify- and Deezer-playlist with 27 tracks by girls who meant a lot to me, over the years. Girls that were featured many times, that I saw in person, that I spoke to in person (like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Carla Bruni, Marianne Dissard, Iris from Peppermoon, Coralie Clement, etc).
Find it HERE