Santa Manu

Something different. Something Italian. With an R&B/hiphopvibe. And loooooads of fake air in the vocals, as we like it.


Stylewise, this reminds me of early Thievery Corporation, a pinch of Stereolab, that ole 90s spymovie-triphop vibe.

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Perfect Zuchtmeisjes

CaOFq-1W0AA6XM5One more thing: the Dutch term ‘Zuchtmeisjes’ was coined on this blog, for it was a perfect description for the girls who rocked Filles Sourires: girls who sang ‘n sighed, girls who, if you saw them, made you sigh (out of content).
For I made a Spotify- and Deezer-playlist with 27 tracks by girls who meant a lot to me, over the years. Girls that were featured many times, that I saw in person, that I spoke to in person (like Charlotte Gainsbourg, Carla Bruni, Marianne Dissard, Iris from Peppermoon, Coralie Clement, etc).
Find it HERE

This is an ex-blog


I’d like to reconsider.

For over ten years, this blog sang the praise of girls, singing in French. Plus the occassional guy, singing in French. Mostly.

It ends today. French music is alive and kicking, there’s not shortage of soft sighing girls, and thank heaven for them.
Merci for all the comments, guest-posts, tips and whatnot over the years. Thanks to Steve, Sky, FransS, David, Mark and Maks for keeping this blog up and running for so long.

If you want to keep up to date on French music, follow my Spotify playlist HERE, or check Steve’s blog regularly.

Music is forever. I’d like it very much if you would post your favourite track(s) of the past ten years of FillesSourires in the comments.

New Keren Ann album

360_keren_ann_0503Keren Ann was a busy bee in the past years, producing songs for films and tributes, writing an opera, but most of all, being a mom. But now the time has come to start working on a new album. You and I can be a part of that album, via this Pledge Music crowdfunding campaign. You can either pre-order a digital copy of the new album for 10 euros, buy the vest she wore on the cover of her La Disparition album for 625 euros or have her come to your house to play for 10,000 euros. I think 42 euros for a vinyl album plus download is pretty steep, but encouragement of KA is always money well spent.