Parfait Été (part deux)

A new summer, a new compilation, a new violation against the vocabulaire (yes, it’s L’été parfait, I know, but this is part of the Perfect …-series, so there). French tunes, by French artists, by a Canadian rockband, by a Flemish girl, by a singer with roots in Cameroon and Algeria backed up by a Brit soul singer – all pretty recent, very versatile indeed. Grab the zip HERE (where it says ‘hier de download’) or try on Spotify HERE.

Artwork as always by the brilliant Wilbert ‘Mr Perfect’ Leering.

Dutch Dolls

Without Mordi and his fabulous Blowupdoll-blog, my own blog would’ve never existed. Blowupdoll is the blisteringly beautiful mother of all blogs dedicated to singing girls. So it was a huge honour when Mordi asked me to put together a mix-tape with my favourite ‘dolls’. I chose only Dutch meisjes, singing in Dutch, English, French and even German. My tape, and a lot of other fantastic zips with gorgeous girls, can be found HERE. Pictured is, of course, Mariska Veres of Shocking Blue. You can hear her marvellous voice on two songs on my ‘tape’.

DJ Set

Last Sunday, the homies of Wicked Jazz Sounds asked me to do a dj-set in their weekly show on Dutch Radio 6. Much obliged! You can listen and/or download my set (great songs, no dj-trickery) HERE

In other news, go HERE to download a remix of Serge Gainsbourg’s Hold Up by Manu El Chino.

Arnaud Fleurent-Didier

Guestpost! Adrian of DCR on Arnaud Fleurent-Didier:

The worst interview I ever did was with a famous US comedienne who, at the time, was huge in the UK. It was over the phone and she was talking on a mobile, in the back of a car, being driven to a concert somewhere on Britain’s motorway network. It was terrible. Every other sentence was lost in a haze of horrific static and buzzing. I managed to salvage a piece out of it but, really, it was awful.
French pop star Arnaud Fleurent-Didier had warned me that his phone line was ”a bit noisy”, but I wasn’t really prepared for the sound of a swarm of bees that hit when I called him. But whereas other interviewees might have shrugged and said ‘forget about it’, he legged it along the road, found a landline and called me back. And all this the evening before he was due to fly to China for a fortnight of shows. Chapeau!
He turned out to be an engaging interviewee. Speaking in English, he talked about playing in China to Chinese people, rather than to an audience of French expats (“that would be terrible!”), playing all the instruments on his most recent album La Reproduction himself (“apart from the flute”) and the trouble you encounter by having a beautiful woman as a drummer.
You can listen to the whole interview in You and the Night and the Music on Different Class Radio.

Arnaud Fleurent-Didier – France Culture

Perfect Black Christmas

Made a compilation with my favourite black (meaning jazzy, soulful, bluesy, funky etc) Christmas songs for the EHPO-blog. Go HERE to download. Nothing in French, but James, Otis, Marvin, Stevie, Donny and the like. If you want more (odd) Christmas songs, you should also check Christmas A Gogo (here), or festive friends like Stubby, BRCM and SWOT.
Happy holidays!

Genevieve Toupin

From the inbox:

It was almost one year ago that I read about Geneviève Toupin on your blog. This was so amusing to me because at the time she was living in my town (Winnipeg, Manitoba) and I had never heard about her. What a great album.

A concert with Geneviève and band was recently recorded by the CBC and available on demand.

Different Class Radio

If you want to hear me murder the English language whilst talking about this blog and fragile French girls, be sure to check this month’s edition of Different Class Radio. An excellent English online radioshow that plays excellent music, including French pop. Go HERE.

Ongehoord goed (podcast)

KX Radio is a Dutch internet-only radiostation (owned by acclaimed dj Rob Stenders) that broadcasts shows by the creme de la creme of Dutch radio-dj’s, playing only the songs they like themselves. I started making podcasts for KX a few weeks back, that show’s called Ongehoord Goed (Unheard Goods) and I play my favorite non-English tracks. Anything goes, from bossa nova to cumbia to hiphop to rawk, sung in French, Finnish, German, Russian, Spanish…non-English, as I said. Here’s a link to the latest podcast, plus a tracklist. I will post links and tracklists of earlier shows later on this blog. The show’s hosted in Dutch, and yes, I’m not a natural when it comes to radiomaking. Enfin. Hope you like it anyhow. Pictured on the right is Swedish-Italian beauty Veronica Maggio.

Podcast Ongehoord Goed.

1. Straatligkinders – Kaptein (South Africa)
2. Kurt Darren – Kaptein (South Africa)
3. Karpatenhund – Gegen der Rest (Germany)
4. Zee Avi – Katoi (Malaysia)
5. GaGa – Loco Loco (Holland)
6. Anna Vissi – Horvath (Greece)
7. Ben L’Oncle Soul – Soul Man (France)
8. Rocky Roberts – Stasera mi butto (Italy)
9. Oriental – Sen Gülünce (Turkey)
10. C-Mon & Lilian Vieira – Sintetica (Holland/Brazil)
11. Camur – Halim Öyle (Turkey)
12. Zaz – Je veux (France)
13. Ozomatli – Cumbia de las muertes (USA)
14. Souad Massi – Le bien et le mal (Algeria)
15. DAF – Verschwende deine Jugend (Germany)
16. Flight of the Conchords – Foux du fafa (New Zealand)
17. Veronica Maggio – Mandagsbarn (Sweden)