Parfait Été 2015

parfait_2015The all new edition of Parfait Été, the French summer compilation I make every year for, is here. It has an African pop vibe, triggered by the Mathieu Boogaerts song I heard on FIP radio. Elegant nouvelle chanson with highlife touches, hmmm, interesting. I know a few more songs in that category. Lo and behold, there was the playlist (available on Deezer and Spotify). With known faces (Vanessa Paradis, Boogaerts, Murat) old 80s culthits (thanks Steve for Lizzy MD) and new names – you should really check out the full album by DjeuhDjoah and Lieutenant Nicholson. GO HERE

Parfait Été 2013

For the 4th time, I give you the perfect compilation for trips down the route du soleil, with only French(-Canadian) songs. Not necessarily sung in French, mind. And not only soft sighing girls. It’s disco, pop, rock, electronics, the lot! Streaming on Spotify and Deezer only. Go HERE. The cover was made (again) by the brilliant Wilbert Leering.


Perfect Paradis


For curator-site I compiled the ultimate Vanessa Paradis compilation. Deezer- and Spotify-only. Go HERE.

Parfait Pluie

Right after I posted the Parfait Eté compilation, all hell broke loose here in Holland. Torrential rains! As an addendum, I compiled the best rain songs in French, on Spotify.

Parfait Eté 2012

The third edition of my compilation for the route to the sun. French tracks, or songs in French by Canadians, or English songs by French bands, it’s all HERE (download where it says ‘HIERRR de download’ or go to Spotify).
Cover was made by Wilbert Leering.

New French Pop Spotify Playlist

If you have a Spotify account, and want to keep up with what’s new in French pop music, go HERE. This playlist features songs that were posted on this blog, plus songs that we could’ve posted but didn’t. Because we can’t post everything. It’s that simple.

Benjamin Schoos & Laetitia Sadier

Go HERE (or HERE, if you want to download the song) to listen to the duet between Benjamin ‘Miam Monster Miam’ Schoos and former Stereolab-chanteuse Laetitia Sadier, from Ben’s upcoming album that also features Marie France and Chrissie Hynde. According to The Guardian, this duet ‘makes you want to run around the streets of Paris with a Super 8 camera and a coy but knowing smile on your face’.

As Mordi pointed out in the comments, the song was originally sung by the magnificent Mademoiselle Nineteen. (I wonder, will she change her name, now that ‘Mademoiselle’ is banned?)

Parfait Été (part deux)

A new summer, a new compilation, a new violation against the vocabulaire (yes, it’s L’été parfait, I know, but this is part of the Perfect …-series, so there). French tunes, by French artists, by a Canadian rockband, by a Flemish girl, by a singer with roots in Cameroon and Algeria backed up by a Brit soul singer – all pretty recent, very versatile indeed. Grab the zip HERE (where it says ‘hier de download’) or try on Spotify HERE.

Artwork as always by the brilliant Wilbert ‘Mr Perfect’ Leering.