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New videos Ödland, Moongaï


It’s diaeresis day here at, with psychedelic (or just plain weird) videos by Moongaï and Ödland:


New Pendentif video



Niagara covered


New French artist Thomas Winter covers Niagara on his recently released EP. So let’s unearth the original and some other cover versions


Coeur de pirate – the update


Been a while since we had a lengthy post on chère CdP, non? Mark reviews the three ways in which Béatrice Martin is staying at the top
Coeur de pirate Québec le 6 juillet 2013 (1)
When Coeur de pirate announced that she was returning to tour in Europe following the birth of her daughter, but would not have her band with her, not all of us were convinced that she could wow the world alone at the piano, without the excitement that her band shows create.

We need not have worried. In 12 sold-out concerts in April 2013 her extraordinary quality solo on stage was clear to all. See extended film of several songs at Mulhouse and, even better, at Hérouville St-Clair (Caen), in Normandy. And see this perfectly-framed performance of ‘Saint-Laurent’ there.

Béatrice also showed a new talent – solo guitar as at 11m10s at Hérouville St-Clair, where the instrument seems bigger than her, and at Paris’s Salle Gaveau, singing ‘Verseau’.

After this demonstration CdP returned to Canada, giving a ‘walking interview’ in her home district here,
and put on some great performances with her band at summer festivals. At Festivoix, Trois-Rivières, on 3 July, she had the prime evening slot : see here
and here.

A still larger crowd greeted her at the Festival d’Été at Québec City on 6 July. Official film covers the first three songs and an amateur film the rest, capturing audience reaction well.

CdP is always grasping new opportunities, as in her sunny, positive version of ‘Mon manège à moi’ at the Beacon Theatre in New York to mark 50 years since Edith Piaf’s death in 1963.

And now she has recorded an album in English. ‘Trauma’ is cover songs for the soundtrack to the Canadian television program of the same name. She sings including The Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse, Bon Iver, The Libertines, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, and The National (‘Slow Show’). All 12 tracks can be heard here.

FS contributor SteveInSoCal offers a review of each song on his website blog: “An album of beautifully arranged interpretations – every song has been stripped back, adapted, moulded, indeed structured to Béatrice’s trademark vocal and compositional style – while all the time remaining faithful to the spirit of the original…”

To my ears the the arrangement on some tracks have too much backing, so that the pure voice is obscured. Fortunately Béatrice also offers us a live filmed set of three on Deezer performed solo: Amy Whitehouse’s ‘You know I’m no good’, Mick Jagger & Keith Richard’s ‘Dead Flowers’, and Bon Iver’s ‘Flume’.

Where is Coeur de pirate going next? Listen to her revealing interview on CBC’s ‘Q’ in March 2014. Béatrice tells us that she sounds different in English, and that she had to approach the task in different ways from how she creates songs in French. At the very end she tells us what’s next. Tantalising.

This just in: Cdp made music for a computer game:


New Benjamin Schoos/Laetitia Sadier video



Vanessa Paradis


From the Victoires-award ceremony, in February:


Plastiscines cover Air’s Sexy Boy


From an upcoming EP eaturing covers by Lana del Rey, Wham!, Catherine Loeb and Air.


Lena Luce


8a45e412a3025Guestpost by David!
‘Once again going through the internet equivalent of the used music racks, I came across an artist I missed. Lena Luce is an old-fashioned style chanteuse, with short skirt, heels, and a smile in her voice. Charming. Her first album, “Metropolitaine”, came out last year, and can be found on Spotify.
Here’s a nice interview from Le Courrier Picard (they liked Lena enough to write about her twice), where they describe the album as organized as a walk through Paris, a walk from old to new, and a bit about growing up. Her training in voice rings clear from the first notes, carrying her tunes with an easy sway, as in Lamarck – Dans le Peau.
Reminds me a bit of a Filles Sourires favorite, Austine, but her voice is perhaps closer to Lisa Portelli’s. Good company on a cold winter’s day.’ Listen to Lena cover Coeur de Pirate (and more) on Soundcloud.


‘Quand on est en amour’ 1984-2014


Mark Sullivan looks at the 30-year history of a classic song

‘Quand on est en amour’ is the best-known song written by the Quebec writer and singer of country music Patrick Norman, stage name of Yvon Éthier, born in 1946 in Montréal. He wrote it in 1984, and despite its country-folk character he seems to have performed it from the start in a Middle-of-the-Road style. Its success led him in 1987 to write an English-language version, ‘Only love sets you free’ with rather different lyrics.

Here is Patrick Norman singing in the late 1980s first ‘Quand on est en amour’ and then returning to the stage to sing ‘Only love sets you free’. (You can tell the era from the hairstyles.)

[Norman’s then rather louche looks recall for British viewers the fabled Peter Sarstedt of ‘Where do you go to my lovely ?’ fame]

‘Quand on est en amour’, originally a country song, was thus ‘Barry-Manilowed’ to a degree by its own composer. So it is perhaps not surprising that it went on to be covered by crooners like Frank Michael (Belgium’s Andy Williams), the rock-turned-MoR singer Marie-Chantal Toupin and the mainstream country singer Guylaine Tanguay.

Norman himself has not greatly changed his own interpretation, as shown here in 2009 (no longer looking like Peter Sarstedt).

‘Quand on est en amour’, having become an overplayed MoR standard, was ripe for humorous satire. What looked like the ultimate fate of the song was the enjoyable performance by the satirist Gilles Gauthier in early 2000s. He sang lines in voices imitating some well-known people of the time – Canadian Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, Pope Jean-Paul II (beautifully done), Charles Aznavour, Peter Falk as Colombo, Bernard Landry the Parti Québecois Prime Minister in 2001-2003, and a wonderful lampoon of the much-mocked René Angelil, husband and manager of Céline Dion.

With this heritage, it was very brave of Laurence Hélie to take the song and for the first time create a true country-folk version in her debut album of 2010, where it is the final song. Her voice is perfect for the straightforward lyrics, and the arrangement blows away the MoR tone and image that the song had acquired.

The lyric, which I have translated directly into English of ‘Quand on est en amour’ is below Laurence Hélie’s fine performance here:

You can find my translation among the comments.


Exotica + Bertrand Burgalat, Hardy cover


From Exotica’s new album Le vierge et le Lion:

From this compilation, a Francoise Hardy cover by Exotica: