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Vanessa Contenay-Quinones


A new album’s coming up by one of the most gorgeous neo-yeye chanteuses, Vanessa Contenay-Quinones. The first single is a winner: fuzz guitars, tambourines, phat drums and that husky voice of V. Listen:

Want more? In the coming days, new tracks are posted on Vanessa’s Soundcloud.


Mathilde Forget


Remember Mathilde Forget? Wrote about the Parisienne exactly one year ago. Her EP was a nice introduction, new single Les Détours is upping the ante a whole lot. Impressive.


50 French Songs You Need To Hear – The Alternative


So, Buzzfeed published a list (duh) lining up 50 French Songs You Need To Hear Before You Die (HERE). I agree with it to some extent; if you haven’t heard Brel’s Ne me quitte pas or Trenet’s La Mer, you really need some catching up. But Ophélie Winter? For Me…Formidable by Aznavour? Mireille Mathieu?! I think we can do better. So I’ve made a collaborative Spotify list, 50 French Songs You Need To Hear – The Alternative. You can add as well. If you don’t have Spotify, drop suggestions in the comments. Biolay, Dominique A, Frehel, Gillian Hills, Niagara, Air… please add!


Françoise 70 (16): Marianne Dissard sings Hardy


300x300To end our series of Françoise Hardy-posts, to mark her 70th birthday, here’s a cover of Mon Amie La Rose, especially recorded for this blog by the charming Marianne Dissard. She translated the song herself, it’s Matt Mitchell on guitar and Pascal Parisot engineered. By the way, Marianne’s brand new album is highly recommended!

Marianne Dissard – Mon amie la rose/My friend the rose


Le Soldat Rose 2


Soldat Rose 2 : Renan, Nolwenn et Francis chantent “La Couleur” from GLORIA on Vimeo.

Le Soldat Rose was a musical fairytale by M(athieu Chedid) and his dad, for the follow-up Thomas Dutronc took the reigns and signed up Nolwenn Leroy, Elodie Frégé and Camelia Jordana, among others. See more here (in French), above is the first video for the project.


Lui et Léa



»It’s the whim of a spoiled kid.« French writer Frédéric Beigbeder (»Mémoires d’un jeune homme dérangé«, »99 francs«) is editorial director of the freshly relaunched LUI, the unmistakably Parisian pendant to Playboy and »Le magazine de l’homme moderne«, as it was called way back in the 60s to 80s. Then, they had Romy Schneider, Mireille Darc, Sylvia Kristel or Jane Birkin. Now, the brand new first volume of the mag, offered for the dumping price of 2,90 Euros, features actress Léa Seydoux, along with a lot of worthwhile reading. And Beigbeder has a new byname you’ve already guessed: L’homme qui amait des femmes.

Cocoboy – La Playmate de Samedi Soir


New French Pop 2013 Spotify list


indexI’ve started a new Spotify playlist with cool French tunes of this year. Subscribe here. Last year’s list is here.


Joyeux Noël



Brigitte – Noel blanc (not Bardot, but these filles)


Year lists (5)


Sami (aka Hot Fidelité) is a man of few words, but excellent taste. His fave songs of the year are:

1-La Grande Sophie “Ne M’oublie pas”
2-Mina Tindle “Pan”
3-Liza Manili “L’Eclipse”
4-Barbara Carlotti “Occupe-toi de moi”
5-Melanie Pain “7 ou 8 fois”
6-Carmen Maria Vega “On s’en fout”
7-Pauline Croze “Heures creuses”
8-Françoiz Breut “BXL Bleuette”
9-Andromakers “La Mer”
10-Laetitia Dana “Courant d’air”