And then there was Evie. Parisian with Initials A.V. but when pronounced that in English, it explains her stage name. She recently released her first solo album “La route”. It is a very nice mix between pop and chanson, between outspoken and intimate. An example of the first can be found here, in a cover version of “Because the Night”. example of the other part  can be heard (and seen) in “Au bout des doigts“. For today I picked another song, a song about waiting, “L’attente”, because it suits this weblog best.

Evie – L’attente

Tribute again…

It is a holiday time in France too. Last week I wrote about the amount of tributes that appeared and someone pointed me another one that recently came in the shops: “Brassens Chanté Par…”. Songs of the legendary Georges Brassens sung by others. On this album popular bands like “Debout Sur Le Zinc” and “Les Ogres De Barback”, but also Aldebert and as the only fille  Agnès Bihl. She sings one song on her own and one “duo” avec Aldebert, with whom she worked before. Most songs on the album are done with a folky gypsy-esque sound (think manouche guitare style, think Thomas Dutronc). Best song is the lovely “La Cane De Jeanne”  The Weepers, but we offer you Agnès Bihl solo.

Agnès Bihl – La Chasse Aux Papillons


Since her second album, ‘”Je ne mâche pas les mots” from 2006 (remember?) she has been a favourite of Filles Sourires.. And since the end of June there is a new album from here,  and we didn’t even write about it. In the years between the albums she did some acting and appeared on some tribute albums, but now there is a whole new album, her third in total. It is as dreamy as the title “Le Syndrome de Peter Pan” suggests, but a bit more poppy and less outspoken than her 2006 album.Still it is nice up-tempo with some catchy songs. The duet with Belgian singer Tom Dice (“Ils Nous Faut”) even became a small hit in France. Here you have the video of it, but I must admit it is not the best track of the album. Here you have an other song, which sounds much more like “our” Elisa…

Elisa Tovati – L’ABCD

Les Bien-aimés

Les Bien-Aimés (The Beloved)  is a new film written and directed by Christophe Honoré. A mouthwatering cast for Filles Sourires Fans: Ludivine Sagnier, Catherine Deneuve and her daughter Chiara Mastroianni. The story is set in the 1960s and 1990s in Paris, Prague and London. You can see the trailer here and along interview with the three (en français) here. In an earlier film “Les chanson d’amour” (2007), Honoré already worked with Ludivine and Chiara. That resulted in a wonderful album, witten and composed by Alex Beaupain. This time they team up together again, and again the result is worth it. To put it short: what a lovely album! All the ladies have their own songs, they sing duets (with each other and with other actors). There is one mother/daughter duet and a song by all three. Because it is so hard to choose, two songs. The ladies all together in “Tout est si Calme” and a very nice duo from Ludivine with Rasha Bukvic, “Les Chiens Ne Font Pas Des Chats”

Sagnier, Mastroianni, Deneuve & Clara Couste – Tout Est Si Calme
Ludivine Sagnier & Rasha Bukvic – Les Chiens Ne Font Pas Des Chats

Serge at the Hollywood Bowl

On August 28, to be exact. At the KCRW’s World Festival. A programme and a line-up that makes me want to go there…I can’t but if you can you should! There will be a lot of Serge songs and the legendary album Histoire de Melody Nelson will be performed in full with orchestra and guests. Director will be Jean Claude Vannier himself, French composer, arranger and longtime Gainsbourg collaborator. Among the guests some artists “have” something with Serge like Beck (who produced Charlotte Gainsbourg’s “IRM” album) and of course Lulu Gainsbourg. The others are pleasant surprises to me: Ed Droste (Grizzly Bear), Victoria Legrand (Beach House), Sean Lennon & Charlotte Kemp Muhl (The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger), Mike Patton (Faith No More) and Nika Roza Danilova (Zola Jesus). Good to see that apparently Serge still inspires a new generation of artists…
The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger made a cover of  “Comic Strip“!

Melissa NKonda

We already noticed the fact that the French talent shows bring us more talent than for example here in the Netherlands. Melissa Nkonda was in “Nouvelle Star” and released her first album earlier this year, called “Nouveaux Horizons”. It is a soulful album, with R&B influences. Most songs are in French (bien sur) but some in English. Sometimes Melissa  remind me of Zaz, or Camelia Jordana like the French/English duet with VV Brown “J’ai Fait Tout Ca Pour Vous”. We bring you the bluesy, soulful “Pas Cette Nuit”.

Melissa NKonda – Pas Cette Nuit



Ambient fille

In English, alas. Love to hear something like this in French. See for details about the song/video here




Canadian 90s sex-symbol Mitsou (best known for this, and this) released a new single, On vole. Her style nowadays, you could say, is Lady Gaga meets Yelle, with some Mylene Farmer thrown in. That stewardess-outfit in the video works for me too. You can download the single for free on Mitsou’s Soundcloud page, HERE.

Note: not everybody is impressed by Mitsou’s return…