Fin Renard

Fin Renard is the brainchild of Ethiène Massé St-Amant. He made three singles, with Violette Lapierre on vocals. Two sad disco tracks, and this slow burning groove. Jazzy, seductive. Reminds me of the 80s popjazz days of Style Council and Working Week.


New name, new album coming up. Lonny is from Quebec (EDIT: actually, she’s from France, she recorded in Quebec) two dreamy folksy singles are released. This is from last December. Her inspirations range from James Blake to Big Thief to Jean-Baptiste Soulard. One to follow:


From the bestest French language Christmas albums of this year, from South Louisiana. It’s swampy, it’s lovely, it has a great cover of this George Michael song:


Look who’s back too, in all her glory, class and style. Boy did we write about La Dastrevigne before.

Fleur bleu.e

Very new duo, yet this dreamy song is already very good. Reminds me of Francoise Hardy, ‘Dots and Loops’-Stereolab and other leftfield greats. Duo to watch. More songs here.

Marianne Dissard

Marianne, whom we love dearly and has been featured a lot on this blog, has recorded a great version of Le Temps de l’amour (orig by Francoise Hardy). It starts pretty true to the original, but then hear what happens.

La Belle Vie

Quintet, making cool pop music with yacht rock elements and modern influcences. EP has just been released. This single, oh la la

Gillian Hills

All of a sudden, like an unexpected Christmas gift, there’s a new song by yeye-legend Gillian Hills. Turns out she’s been releasing songs quietly over the past year. Follow her on Facebook.