Canadian bilingual band Rosier released the first single from their upcoming album. N’as-tu jamais vu d’oiseaux is a folksy affair, as far as I understand it a childhood memory about chasing birds. Love the vocals, and the build-up. The ‘inspiration’ playlist of Rosier has songs by artists like Bon Iver, Andy Shauf, Fiest and (yay!) my favorite Daniel Belanger-song. So, folksy, with slight psychedelic/ethereal sidesteps and gorgeous vocals.

Cool live track:

Ruppert Pupkin

Ruppert Pupkin (yes, it’s a reference to the movie King of Comedy) is the moniker of Emmanuelle Destremau, an actress/singer who likes folksy music as much as making this kind of darker, 80s influenced new wave. She sings in French & English, more enamoured with her French tracks tho.

DO not DO

DO not Do is a duo, Iskander & Romy, who started making records in 2021. Synthpop, with some prominent guitars. Upbeat, fun pop music. Three recent singles:

Alice Wondering

A trained cellist, who moved from France to the UK. Alice Wondering made some triphop/electrosoul-influenced singles, this new track is more French (to me), starts easy but rocks out later on. Sensual, soulful and (at first) slow:


Strong single from French singer Vio, who incorporates that filtered French house sound in her song. The video is part of a series, so more to come:

Marie-Pierre Arthur, Maude Audet

Two Quebecoises in one post, with promising new singles. M-P Arthur was celebrated several times on this blog. She likes to rock, loud and soft. This new track is an example of her softer, 70s inspired side. Cool bassline:

From Montreal, and focussed on pop from a decade earlier than M-P, is Maude Audet. This sunny jangle pop about love chases clouds away:


Parisienne Saâne is in no hurry at all. This is her fourth single, since 2021. No albums, no EPs. Just a handful of tracks. This one’s a sultry, slow beauty:

Anais MVA

More upbeat and pop than earlier, soothing singles, Anais MVA’s new single is one to be heard (and seen:)